I Help new entrepreneurs to make their first £100k with my 12-week business accelerator programme

"anybody can do it"

Duncan Bannatyne


Frequently Asked questions

Where do the coaching sessions take place?

Classes take place in Glasgow.
The venue details and available times will be revealed after you request your free trial class.

Can I join the program for a shorter duration?

Yes, you can try out one classes for free.

How big are the program cohorts?

I purposely limit the size of the classes to a maximum of 12 members per session to ensure there is plenty of time for each scene to be fully developed.

How long does each session last?

Roughly 3 hours. Sometimes, they may run over by 15 minutes if we explore some particularly interesting scenes or topics of conversation.

Is this appropriate for me if I'm just starting my personal development journey?

Yes, absolutely! I've worked with many new actors and seen them progress to receiving professional credits in just a matter of months. Your ability is only limited by your imagination.

Is this a good fit for me if I'm already on my personal development journey?

Yes! For actors who are not currently working, my classes are the ultimate way to practice your skillset.