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I help Glasgow entrepreneurs align their actions with their highest priorities to drive meaningful growth

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My name is Grant, and I'm on a mission to transform Glasgow into the most peaceful, joyful and loving place in the world.

My motivation for this mission is rooted in my desire to see Glasgow thrive with businesses that not only succeed financially but also uplift and empower the community. By helping entrepreneurs align their actions with their highest values, we can create a ripple effect of positive change, fostering an environment of peace, love, and joy in our city.

My journey into personal development and business began at the age of 16, inspired by my dad's collection of books.

Now, at 32, I have spent 16 years immersed in these fields, navigating numerous personal and professional challenges as well as achieving over £10 million in sales of products and services.

In 2022, I took a step back to reflect on my successes and failures, seeking common themes and patterns that could help others.

In 2023, I started offering coaching sessions based on these insights, achieving promising results that have positively impacted many lives:

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Please write below, in as much detail as possible - about your experience with Grant. How you came across him, what work you did together, the experiences you met through (mentally, spiritually) and where you are now with everything.

"Meeting Grant. This is an interesting one. I was suffering from severe back pain, Sciatic nerve pain, so I put out a story on instagram asking if anyone knew of a physio or exercises I could do to get it sorted. I got a lot of responses for referrals. A good mate (Scott a PT) offered to see me, which I took up - worked wonders. But the reply that really changed everything was Grant offering a free massage. I must say at first i was like, what is the catch. So i left it.

Then he followed up asking if i had booked myself in. So as you would normally do i was trying to offer our services back in return but that didn't really bother Grant. 

So i asked to meet him for a coffee to see the kind man in person. People are not generally kind anymore. At this coffee meeting we spoke about everything, his career my career my goals and chat GPT of course. But the conversation switched to helping me get clarity on my goals and vision for the business.

This has been the most valuable coffee meeting this year. From that meeting we made a plan on a simple simplification of the business, focusing on one particular goal and putting in a plan / process in place to try and achieve that goal. From that moment of clarity I started to see real opportunities open up. Ones I had never even thought of although they were right in front of me. 

Long story short - We wanted to niche down into the AV industry and become one of the leading agencies offering services in the space. We have cut down the time to achieve this considerably by partnering up with SSUM+ a company down south. Now as an entrepreneur i am on to my next challenge."

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Please write below, in as much detail as possible - about your experience with Grant. How you came across him, what work you did together, the experiences you ment through (mentally, spiritually) and where you are now with everything.

"So we met at spud and shakes, as grants and I share the same interests and vision for the healthy food and healthy, we we shared a lil about one another we become friends and we discussed how we could take healthy food further specially  baked spud and protein shakes etc, as we share the similar vision 

As I have been busy in my day to day family life

 ( you know how Asians are like ) was kind of losing my focus and as I discussed it with Grant, he jumped in to help me out with the mental clarity and focus so I could focus on what’s more important and how to solve problems one by one 

I can talk to Grant on almost any topic mentally religious or spiritual before I couldn’t talk to many people about it as they won’t understand how deep it goes as I am a very deep thinker, when me and Grant spoken we always had that same depth so it is always easier to talk to him about it. 

We are still working on mental clarity and Grant has been a great help. As my background I had way to many experiences that I shared a few with Grant and he understood how my brain is wired and easier to direct my focus where iy needed the most 

i recon Grant  understand the energy exchange better than anyone else  here in Scotland ( as its a very common  practice in punjab india ) which i don't know of he had shared it with you. 

its great to have a friend with a high level of clarity as grant 

 He helped me understand how important it is to focus on the neche and how crucial  marketing is for the business social media, in fact he had encouraged me to make a little tik tok video clip of what we do at spud and shakes, it was the very first time I had done something like that ( that little clip was viewed over 16000 times ) which had opened my eyes and realized the power of social media and how I could get public attention with no budget at all. 

There’s plenty more to learn from him and that would be an other time I guess."

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Please write below, in as much detail as possible - about your experience with Grant. How you came across him, what work you did together, the experiences you ment through (mentally, spiritually) and where you are now with everything.

"Grant and I have been friends for around 5 years when I met him on a show I was working on in Scotland. We've always had significant conversations about ideas, the future of business, our passions, and more recently, spirituality. I underwent a profound change in my life and embarked on a spiritual journey, which Grant witnessed and became a part of during its early stages. After spending 2 years abroad, I returned to Glasgow and reconnected with my friend. It was wonderful to hear that since our previous discussions, he had also embarked on his own spiritual journey, resulting in some amazing experiences.

Our reconnection has brought me immense joy. Grant's guidance and enthusiasm for my new project have been invaluable. He has helped me stay focused, committed, and has provided so much clarity to my mission. In just 6 weeks, we have built a brand, a website, and a marketing strategy. We have even started seeing customers applying to purchase a space in my classes. It's been an incredible experience to share this journey with him so far, and I can't imagine what the future holds with his direction and guidance."

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Please write below, in as much detail as possible - about your experience with Grant. How you came across him, what work you did together, the experiences you ment through (mentally, spiritually) and where you are now with everything.

"Grant and I first met through a mutual friend many years ago at a party. We immediately got on and had some interesting conversations that night. I then bumped into him at various points throughout the next couple of years (either at parties or around the west end) as we live very close to each other. We eventually exchanged numbers and would text occasionally. We then went for a pint about 18 months ago and began texting more and meeting more, after realising that we both had an entrepreneurial mindset and had a lot in common. 

We have a unique relationship unlike any other I have with my friends. We regularly talk about ideas we have and then break them down, talking about the pro’s and the con’s. We are both completely honest with each other with our ideas and I think that is why we get one so well. I will say things to him that perhaps other people are scared to say, in case they offend or hurt him. Our complete transparency when talking about not only work, but also personal life and everything in between has solidified our bond as very good friends and I trust his processes and advice with the highest confidence.

I have recently (in the past couple weeks) acquired a community pharmacy in Glasgow. The preparation and work I had to endure took approximately 4-6 months. Grant has been omnipresent throughout this time and was always quick to respond to any queries I had or even just to hang out after work. He is a great listener, something which many people are actually not very good at. I think this is why he is such a liked and respected person and why he will be such a fantastic coach/mentor, because he will give you his undivided attention when he is with you no matter what. He is much more present than I am and I strive to find this level of presence when interacting with people. When he had the initial idea of going down this coaching/ mentoring route, he called me, I remember the conversation well.I was out on a cycle and I pulled over and ended up being on the phone for over 30 minutes with him. He explained his idea and his primary goals at the time and the process he would have to follow for it to be successful. I then broke it down and we ran through the positives and negatives of this venture. I also explained I had the utmost confidence in him being an amazing coach. For a start, he is very large and has a commanding presence, as he is taller than most people, this works well with larger than life coaches such as Tony Robbins. He is also a smart individual and will take the time to listen to people and research the topics they discussed, in order to find common ground and therefore build a stronger relationship with that person.

He has been instrumental throughout my acquisition of the pharmacy as both a friend and as a coach who continually pointed me in the right direction. When he approached me and offered to coach me, I was more than happy. Throughout the acquisition he was helping me prioritise my tasks and chasing me. Even when I would disappear off the radar for days or even weeks at a time, he would gently remind me that I had outstanding tasks which I had to update him about. He was not too stern and not to soft when chasing. I have no doubt that if I did not have his guidance through this stressful period, I would have struggled alot more than I did to complete the acquisition successfully and would perhaps not have gotten everything over the line without his guidance and prompts.

I think Grant is an amazing human being who gives everything he has to those around him, not expecting anything in return. This becomes obvious when you sit down and talk to him.

We also connect on a spiritual level and i feel like I still have much to learn from him. He can put himself into a deep state of meditation and clear his head to allow him to re-align himself with life. I strive to be able to do this but I believe by spending more time with him, he will be able to teach this in a way I understand. I will be joining the Arlington baths, as Grant is a member and I want to focus more on my body and soul and I feel this will be a good way to do it. 

I truly believe he will be massively successful and famous for the work he does in this coaching/mentoring field due to his intellect and positive energy he carries. I know we will be life-long friends and I am sure we will partner up in numerous ventures as we continue our professional career. We will also be very close friends on a personal level and I am happy to have met him."

In late '23, I established the 'Mental Clarity Office' in Finnieston to coach clients and share my methods online. But, rather than jumping straight into coaching, I dedicated the next 9 months to refining The Mental Clarity Method, ensuring it was comprehensive and effective. I developed a range of programs, from quick 60-second techniques to in-depth 6-week courses, making Mental Clarity accessible to everyone. 

In the rest of this page, I'm excited to share with you the transformative concepts and methods I've developed:

  1. 1
    What Mental Clarity is: What it means and why it's crucial for entrepreneurial success
  2. 2
    How to quantify Mental Clarity: A simple 7-question assessment to gauge your clarity levels
  3. 3
    The method to attain Mental Clarity: An in-depth look at the 7 steps and how they can revolutionise your mindset
  4. 4
    The Mantra: A quick breathing exercise and affirmation for instant clarity, anywhere, anytime
  5. 5
    Guided Meditation: A 4-minute mind clearance meditation to help you achieve immediate mental clarity
  6. 6
    7-Day Challenge: A structured 10-minute daily practice to deeply embed the method into your routine
  7. 7
    Coaching Services: How my Mental Clarity Coaching works and where you can join in Glasgow
  8. 8
    Life Sprint Program: An overview of the intensive 6-week program designed to align your actions with your highest values

What is Mental Clarity?

Mental Clarity is a state of mind where emotions are balanced, thoughts are focused, and actions are purposeful. It is the foundation for making better decisions, achieving your goals, and living a more fulfilling life. For entrepreneurs, this clarity is essential for navigating the complexities of business and aligning daily actions with core values.

The 3 Pillars of Mental Clarity

These pillars are the building blocks of a purposeful and successful life:


Achieving emotional and mental equilibrium. When you are balanced, you can manage stress effectively, maintain composure in challenging situations, and create a harmonious work-life integration.


Gaining clarity on your path and purpose. Clear direction helps you set meaningful goals and align your actions with your highest values, ensuring that your efforts lead to fulfilling and impactful outcomes.


Turning insights into tangible results. Purposeful action means making decisions that reflect your values and executing plans with confidence and determination, leading to rapid and meaningful growth.

The Mental Clarity Assessment

This assessment helps you understand your current level of mental clarity. By answering a series of targeted questions, you'll receive a score that indicates your strengths and areas for improvement across the three pillars of Mental Clarity.

The Mental Clarity Method

The Mental Clarity Method is designed to guide you through a transformative journey, enhancing your ability to think clearly, make purposeful decisions, and align your actions with your highest values. By following these seven steps, you can achieve a state of mental clarity that drives rapid and meaningful growth.

1. Let go

Accept the emotions and thoughts that exist in your mind without letting them control you. Become a conscious observer of these processes. As you continually observe and let go, you will eventually reach a state of stillness and clarity.

2. Accept Stillness

Embrace the art of no thoughts by simply being present. This practice helps you maintain mental clarity and prevents your mind from being cluttered by unnecessary thoughts. Think of it as observing a quiet body of water just sitting.

3. Cultivate abundance

From this place of stillness, begin to appreciate even the smallest things in your life. This sense of gratitude fosters a mindset of abundance, making you feel rich in experiences and opportunities. Ask yourself, "What can I appreciate around me?"

4. Creating a vision

With a foundation of gratitude, start to create a vision for your future. Define where you want to go, coming from a place of abundance and strength. This vision will guide your actions and decisions moving forward.

5. Harmonise

Emotionally connect with and align yourself with your vision. Ensure that your vision resonates deeply with you. This emotional connection is crucial for maintaining motivation and overcoming obstacles.

6. Planning

Develop a clear and actionable roadmap to achieve your vision. This step is essential for maintaining mental clarity and ensuring that your efforts are focused and effective. A well-thought-out plan makes execution straightforward and achievable.

7. Execution

Take decisive action. The most critical part of any plan is execution. Without action, even the best plans are useless. Overcome procrastination and move forward with confidence, knowing that your actions are aligned with your highest values.


To make the journey through the Mental Clarity Method more accessible and actionable, I have developed several practical tools. These tools are designed to fit seamlessly into your daily routine, helping you achieve mental clarity and alignment with your highest values.


This quick and powerful tool helps you reset your mind and achieve clarity in just one minute. It’s perfect for busy entrepreneurs who need a rapid mental reset during their day. You can practice this mantra anywhere, anytime to instantly regain focus and balance.


Combining binaural beats, NLP techniques, and guided visualisation, this meditation is designed to clear your mind in just four minutes. It’s an effective way to achieve mental clarity quickly, especially when you feel overwhelmed or distracted. Simply listen to the audio and let it guide you to a state of calm and clarity.


This challenge consists of seven 10-minute meditations, each designed to reflect a step in the Mental Clarity Method. Over the course of a week, you will embed the principles of mental clarity deeper into your mind, making it easier to maintain clarity and focus in your daily life. Each day’s meditation builds on the previous one, ensuring comprehensive and lasting results.


To ensure deep and personalised support, I offer Mental Clarity Breakthrough sessions and the comprehensive Life Sprint program. These services are designed to provide hands-on guidance, helping you achieve lasting mental clarity and align your actions with your highest values.


These sessions are dynamic and tailored to your unique circumstances. I use probing questions and personalised guidance to help you navigate mental obstacles, gain clarity, and develop actionable strategies. The goal is to provide you with profound insights and practical tools that lead to immediate and lasting change.


The Life Sprint program is an intensive 6-week journey that ensures you don’t just have a moment of clarity but maintain and act upon it. I will be your accountability partner, continuously checking in to make sure your actions are aligned with the bigger picture narrative we create together. This program is designed to help you integrate the 7 steps of the Mental Clarity Method into your daily life, driving rapid and meaningful growth.